Good Husband, Great Marriage

Good Husband, Great Marriage

By Robert Mark Alter & Jane Alter

  • Release Date : 2007-03-01
  • Genre : Family & Relationships
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Score: 4.5
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Good Husband, Great Marriage For men, and the women who love them, this is a highly controversial book on how to get - and be - a good husband. This book will appeal to the countless women who resent that their husbands never listen and that they have to nag in order to get them to do anything around the house; who feel like their husbands are always pawing at them to have sex; and who want more from their marriage. It will appeal to men who want to have more sex, less nagging, and wives who adore them. In short, GOOD HUSBAND, GREAT MARRIAGE is the book for everyone.
GOOD HUSBAND, GREAT MARRIAGE is a hard-hitting, no-nonsense guidebook for men and women to help them fix their marriages. Robert Alter's central, controversial argument: the man is primarily responsible for the marital problems. Alter says to women: "You are right to want what you want from him." He says to men: "Stop thinking it's your wife's fault, and transform yourself into the good husband you know you have in you. " In 50 chapters, Alter describes the problem areas men face and what actions they can take to fix them. The chapters include: "How to Know When You're Being a Man as Opposed to When You're Being an A*****e," "How to Talk to Her," and "Your Anger: Cut the S**t." Alter's approach is straightforward and logical; he speaks to men in a language they understand. In addition, sections of the book will be geared for women where Alter will give advice to women on what they can do.


  • Good Husband, Great Marriage

    By Parisinpc
    This book is an easy read that is both educational and entertaining. If a man is TRULY interested in helping/saving his marriage and family, he must read this and learn from it! Rosa P.
  • Amazing!!

    By 00gparra
    This has been the eye opener I needed as a man, it really has shown me how I have been towards my wife and everybody around me, since I have been reading this book people have noticed a change in me and I want to keep it going!! I just want to be the best husband I can be!!! All men READ THIS BOOK you"ll thank yourself for doing it!! God bless!!
  • When it's obvious

    By BayAreaGus
    Sure, this is a must read book for the stereotypical husband portrayed in endless sitcoms, who has no sensible connection to the person he once married. If you are not understanding who you live with, get this book. It will show you a way of discovering the friend in your wife. If you have half a brain you can figure this all out by yourself. If you never even listened to your wife, why did you marry in the first place and who are you living with? Actual situations are a lot more complex than can possibly be addressed in this book. If you get along with your wife, you understand each other, but the cause of the growing issue sits deeper, these pages won't help you a bit.
  • Changed my life

    By Dr ess
    This book taught me to appreciate my wife for the princess she is. We are so much happier now. It is like when we were first in love before we were married. I am very thankful to this author. Men, please go into this book humble and you will be better for it.
  • Found Hope

    By Cinderella2
    This book should be a requirement for couples or at least men before marriage. I have held on to my horrible marriage for over eight years. Deep down I knew that it was not supposed to be this way but I had faith that my husband could be what he promised to be when we exchanged vows on our wedding day. If he only knew what he promised to be and how to be it. Last week I was ready for a divorce. I never thought I would ever say that and mean it nor did I ever think it would or could happen to me. Growing up i watched my parents and they had the "perfect" marriage and this is not exaggerating. My dad and I have always been real close. He set high expectations of men for me and at one point I thought maybe too high. What has been so hard on me the past year was having to turn to my parents for support and telling my father, that the guy that asked him for my hand in marriage, the one i chose for him to give me away to, has broke my heart in a million pieces for many years. I felt as if i had disappointed him. I have cried many times with my parents over the this the past year. My parents raised me not to ever divorce but this year my dad came to me and said this is the hardest thing I have had to say to any of my 3 daughters but I support you if you want a divorce. I love you too much to watch this happen to you and my granddaughters any longer. They seen it for many years but always minded their own business, didn't want to except it and waited for me to come to them. Anyways, last week I stumbled across "Good Husband, Great Marriage". I read a sample of it and sent copies to my husband. I hoped he would read it and like it but thought the title alone would make him mad. I just wanted him to know what it was I was wanting all of these years and this book says it all. To my surprise he sent me a message the next day from work telling me he bought this book and I should buy it too! WOW!!! That meant a lot since he never and I mean never ever reads. Well come to find out the beginning pissed him off so he has been skipping around to different chapters. As I was reading I would send him messages on what chapters stood out most for me and in our situation. Then he would get curious, read it, and then we would discuss it. I finished the book in less than 5 days and I love it. It has given me back my strength, confidence, and hope. I love that the writer really believes in happily ever after endings because I do too. I grew up watching a fairytale under my parents roof. I am so thankful to have had the wonderful example of my parents. People have said I live in a dream world and not in reality but now I feel sorry for them because I believe once again that I will have a happy ending and hopefully with the man I am already married to. Thank you God for guiding me to this book. I can't wait to read it again!